10 reasons why you should not litter.

1. Littering pollutes the environment, contaminating soil and water.
2. It can harm or kill animals that consume it or become entangled in it.
3. It blocks sunlight from reaching plants, causing them to die.
4. Litter creates an eyesore and detracts from the beauty of the area.
5. Littering is illegal in most places, and offenders can be fined or even arrested.
6. It is a waste of resources and can be costly to clean up.
7. It can spread diseases by harboring bacteria and other pathogens.
8. It can clog drains, leading to flooding and water contamination.
9. It can attract pests, such as rats, cockroaches, and flies.
10. Littering is disrespectful to the community and reflects badly on the individual who is littering.


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