10 reasons why we want to go to Mars

1. The challenge – going to Mars is an ambitious undertaking that will push the boundaries of human achievement.

2. The science – there is a lot we can learn about our own planet by studying Mars, and its potential for habitability.

3. The exploration – Mars is an intriguing and mysterious world, and we want to know more about it.

4. The challenge of living on Mars – it would be a great test of our abilities to live and work in an extreme environment.

5. To be the first – humans have always been driven by a desire to explore and be the first to do things, and Mars is the ultimate frontier.

6. To make a difference – going to Mars would be an incredible achievement that would inspire people around the world.

7. To inspire the next generation – a successful mission to Mars would show young people that anything is possible.

8. To unite people – a shared goal like a Mars mission could help to bring people together.

9. To leave a legacy – a successful Mars mission would be an enduring accomplishment that would be remembered long into the future.

10. Because it’s there – because Mars is there, beckoning us to come and explore it.


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