10 reasons why tigers are endangered.

1. Habitat loss: Tigers are losing their natural homes to agriculture, development, and other human activities.

2. Poaching: Tigers are poached for their skin and body parts, which are used in traditional medicine and as luxury items.

3. Illegal trade of tiger parts: Tiger parts are illegally traded for use in traditional medicines, for their fur, and even for trophies.

4. Human-tiger conflict: Tigers are increasingly coming into contact with humans as their habitats shrink, leading to conflict and retaliatory killings by humans.

5. Climate change: Global warming is affecting tiger habitats, making it harder for them to survive in the wild.

6. Disease: Disease outbreaks, such as canine distemper, have caused severe declines in tiger populations.

7. Population fragmentation: Tigers are becoming isolated in smaller groups, making it harder for them to find mates and reproduce.

8. Low genetic diversity: Tigers have low genetic diversity, making them more susceptible to disease and environmental changes.

9. Lack of prey: Tigers need prey to survive, and their prey is becoming harder to find due to overhunting and habitat loss.

10. Lack of enforcement of laws: Laws protecting tigers are often not enforced, making it easier for poachers and other criminals to take advantage of them.


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