10 reasons why pyramids are so particular.

1. The shape of a pyramid is thought to be representative of the rays of the sun, and so they were often seen as being symbolic of the sun god.

2. The stepped pyramid shape is also thought to represent the stages of the sun god’s journey through the underworld.

3. The large size of most pyramids also meant that they could be seen for miles around, making them very impressive structures.

4. The use of stone in their construction made them very durable and long-lasting, meaning that they have often survived for thousands of years.

5. The interiors of pyramids were often very ornate, with intricate paintings and carvings.

6. The burial chambers inside pyramids were designed to protect the Pharaoh’s body and treasures in the afterlife.

7. The entrance to a pyramid was often guarded by a statue of a protective god or goddess.

8. Many pyramids were surrounded by elaborate gardens and other buildings, making them even more impressive.

9. The construction of a pyramid was a huge undertaking, involving thousands of workers.

10. Pyramids are still a popular tourist destination today, and their fascinating history makes them even more special.


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