10 reasons to develop better infrastructure

1. Increase economic productivity: Improved infrastructure has been proven to increase economic productivity, leading to more jobs and higher wages.

2. Enhance quality of life: Quality infrastructure is essential to improving the quality of life of people in a region.

3. Reduce poverty: Infrastructure investment has been shown to reduce poverty and increase access to basic services, such as healthcare and education.

4. Improve access to markets: Improved infrastructure can help to reduce the cost of transportation and access to markets by providing better roads, ports and airports.

5. Improve public safety: Quality infrastructure helps to reduce the risk of traffic accidents and other public safety hazards.

6. Enhance environmental sustainability: Improved infrastructure can help to reduce pollution, conserve energy and protect natural resources.

7. Boost business confidence: Businesses are more likely to invest in a region with better infrastructure.

8. Enhance international competitiveness: Quality infrastructure helps a region to remain competitive in the global economy.

9. Foster social cohesion: Quality infrastructure can help to reduce social inequalities and foster social cohesion.

10. Accelerate urban development: Quality infrastructure can help to accelerate urban development, leading to greater economic growth.


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