10 reasons college athletes should be paid

1. College athletes often dedicate over 40 hours a week to their sport, and yet they are not compensated for their hard work.

2. College athletes generate millions of dollars for their universities through ticket sales, merchandise, and broadcasting rights.

3. College athletes are under increasing pressure to perform, both athletically and academically.

4. College athletes are subject to the same physical and mental risks as professional athletes and should be compensated for their risks.

5. College athletes are often unable to work due to the rigorous demands of their sport, leaving them with no other source of income.

6. College athletes often come from low-income backgrounds and need financial support to attend college.

7. College athletes are often unable to take advantage of endorsement opportunities due to NCAA policies.

8. College athletes are at an increased risk of exploitation due to their amateur status.

9. College athletes should be compensated for their labor to ensure they have a fair and equitable playing field.

10. College athletes are an important part of the college sports industry, and their contributions should be acknowledged and rewarded.


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