10 reasons churches don’t grow

1. Poor leadership: Leadership that lacks vision and ambition will stifle growth.

2. Poor marketing: Churches must be able to effectively communicate their message to potential members.

3. Unwelcoming atmosphere: If a church is not welcoming to outsiders, it will be difficult to attract new members.

4. Unengaging worship: If the worship experience is not engaging and inspiring, it will not draw people in.

5. Location: People will be more likely to attend a church if it is conveniently located.

6. Lack of outreach: Churches must reach out to the community in order to attract new members.

7. Uninviting facility: If the church building is not inviting or attractive, people will not want to visit.

8. Limited programs: A lack of programs and activities will limit the growth of a church.

9. Lack of resources: Without resources, such as finances and volunteer labor, it will be difficult to grow.

10. Unhealthy church culture: If the church culture is not conducive to growth, it will be difficult to attract new members.


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