10 reason why eating insects is NOT the best way of tackling climate change

1. High levels of fat and cholesterol in some insects can make them an unhealthy source of food.

2. Many people are unwilling to eat insects and may not find them appetizing.

3. Insects may contain toxins, allergens and other harmful substances.

4. Insect farming is a new and largely untested industry, and the potential environmental impacts are not yet known.

5. Insects require more resources to produce than conventional sources of protein such as beef and poultry.

6. Insects may not provide enough nutrition to be a viable source of food.

7. Insects may not be able to meet the protein needs of a growing population.

8. Insects are not widely available in most parts of the world.

9. Insects may not be as sustainable as other food sources such as plant-based proteins.

10. The production of insects requires land, which could lead to the destruction of natural habitats.


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