10 reason to send letter to your beloved instead of email

1. A letter is more personal and intimate than an email.
2. A letter can be kept and treasured as a physical reminder of your love.
3. Writing a letter involves more effort and thought than sending an email.
4. A letter can be decorated with drawings, photos, and mementos to make it more special.
5. It allows you to be creative and express yourself in different ways.
6. You can write a letter in a beautiful handwriting that will be unique to your beloved.
7. A letter can be sent to any part of the world, unlike an email that can be blocked due to security reasons.
8. It can be sent through the post, which adds to the excitement of the experience.
9. You can be sure that it will reach its destination, unlike an email that can get lost in cyberspace.
10. It is a tangible reminder of your love and can be kept for years.


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