10 Reasons why Coronavirus can be dangerous


1. It can cause severe respiratory illness in people of all ages.
2. It can be fatal, especially to older adults and people with underlying health conditions.
3. It can lead to pneumonia, which can be very dangerous.
4. It can cause severe respiratory distress, which can be fatal.
5. It can cause sepsis, which can be fatal.
6. It can damage the lungs and cause respiratory failure.
7. It can cause organ failure.
8. It can cause multiple organ failure.
9. It can lead to death.
10. It can cause brain damage.


1. What is coronavirus?

Coronaviruses are a type of virus. There are many different kinds, and some cause disease. A newly identified coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, has caused a worldwide pandemic of respiratory illness, called COVID-19.

2. What is COVID-19?

COVID-19 is the name of the illness caused by the new coronavirus. The World Health Organization declared the outbreak a Public Health Emergency of International Concern on January 30, 2020, and a pandemic on March 11, 2020.


3. What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

The most common symptoms of COVID-19 are fever, tiredness, and dry cough. Some patients may have aches and pains, nasal congestion, runny nose, sore throat or diarrhea. These symptoms are usually mild and begin gradually. Some people become infected but don’t develop any symptoms and don’t feel unwell. Most people (about 80%) recover from the disease without needing special treatment. Around 1 out of every 6 people who gets COVID-19 becomes seriously ill and develops difficulty breathing. 

How many type of Coronavirus are there in the world?

There are seven types of coronaviruses that are known to infect humans, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


When the first Coronavirus case got discovered?

The first case of the coronavirus was discovered in Wuhan, China, in December 2019.

What is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a highly infectious and potentially deadly respiratory illness caused by a virus.

What are the 10 reasons why Coronavirus can be dangerous?

These include:

1) It is highly contagious

2) It can be asymptomatic and spread unknowingly

Who is most at risk for contracting Coronavirus?

Older adults and people with underlying medical conditions such as heart disease, lung disease, and diabetes are at the greatest risk for serious illness from Coronavirus.

How can I protect myself from contracting Coronavirus?

You can protect yourself by wearing a mask, washing your hands frequently, avoiding close contact with others, staying home when you are sick, practicing social distancing, and avoiding large gatherings.

How is Coronavirus treated?

Treatment for Coronavirus includes supportive care, such as oxygen therapy, fluids, and rest. In severe cases, patients may require hospitalization, mechanical ventilation, or treatment with experimental drugs.

Can Coronavirus be prevented?

While there is currently no cure or vaccine for Coronavirus, taking preventative measures such as wearing a mask, washing your hands frequently, and social distancing can help reduce the spread of the virus.

Is it safe to travel during the Coronavirus pandemic?

Traveling during the pandemic is not recommended due to the high risk of exposure to the virus, as well as the unpredictable nature of the pandemic.

Should I get tested for Coronavirus?

You should get tested if you exhibit any symptoms of the virus or have been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for Coronavirus.


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